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Plant & Safety

Safety is a major concern when you’re working with metal, whether it’s in a factory, at a jobsite or in your garage. You need to protect yourself from cuts, burns and other injuries by using the right personal protective gear every time you work with metal. As a top industrial equipment supplier, we stock a variety of goggles, helmets, gloves, aprons, bibs, knee pads and more.

Flying shards of hot metal can do serious damage to eyes and skin, so you should always wear long sleeves and protective goggles. In more hazardous environments, you may want to — or be required to — wear coveralls, vests or protective shirts or pants. Keep some eye wash and a first aid kit on hand in case of emergency, and you may also want to order earplugs if you frequently work with noisy machines. Clamp mounts and safety shields help deflect sparks and flying metal shards.

As important as personal safety is, workplace safety is important too. Check out Americas Industrial Supply’s line of anti-fatigue rubber mats, nonskid tape and cleaning equipment. Also included in this section are ladders, heaters, fans, blowers, lights, cable ties and welding supplies.

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