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Chuck Jaws

Hold all your metal products securely in place with our wide selection of chuck jaws. Our industrial supply company carries soft jaws, hard jaws, round jaws and jaw nuts to better serve all our customers’ needs. You will find serrated chuck jaws as well as tongue-and-groove chuck jaws — remember to get the corresponding keys when you’re ordering. We carry master keys as well.

While you’re on our online industrial equipment supply site, check out our chuck jaw accessories. Power chuck lubricant improves your chuck jaws’ performance as well as cuts down on wear and tear and unnecessary heat and friction. We also sell chuck stops, anti-backlash ring sets, boring stars, jaw boring rings, universal lathe spindles and collet stops, and CNC lathe stops. Stock up today for all your metalwork jobs.

Often, we focus too much on improving productivity with better parts without considering how the health and welfare of workers affects output. That’s why our industrial supply company sells anti-fatigue mats. These mats make a huge difference to metalworkers who are standing all day, reducing pain and discomfort in the back and legs, allowing for greater focus and fewer breaks.

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