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Measuring Tools

You know the old saying — “Measure twice, cut once.” Although mistakes will happen at some point regardless of how careful you are, using precise and top-quality measuring tools from a trustworthy industrial equipment supplier means you succeed more often.

Look through our supply of hundreds of inspection tools, including calipers, indicators and micrometers. We stock a full complement of testing tools as well — clocks and stopwatches, tachometers, scales and so much more. When you’re working with metal, controlling the temperature is critical, so make sure you have a good temperature and humidity tester on hand as well as a refractometer for measuring coolant.

Thickness and height gauges help you to be more exacting with your measurements, allowing for greater accuracy and better results. Radius gauges and angle gauges are indispensable for many metalwork projects as well, as are surface plates and V-blocks.

As a top online industrial equipment supplier, we stock all the most important parts and tools that businesses and individuals need for metalworking, including machinery, caster wheels, clamps, valves, power tools, hand tools, air tools, parts washers, grinding wheels and so much more. Trust Americas Industrial Supply for all your metalwork project needs.

Inspection Tools

Setup & Layout Tools

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