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Milling Toolholders

Having the right milling toolholders on hand for the metalwork jobs you do is more than handy — it’s a necessity for saving time and increasing your bottom line. At our industrial supply company, we stock hundreds of toolholders, including collet chucks, drill chucks, taper holders, endmill holders, tap holders and more. We also sell packages, so you can save money buying a set of toolholders that will serve your needs better. Consider that in the future you may be taking on more challenging and detailed work, and that’s when you’ll need a full supply of dependable parts.

When we work with a manufacturer, we prioritize reliability, cost and quality of product, including durability and the ability to change out parts quickly. Stopping for time-consuming equipment changes lowers productivity and output, costing you money. Quick-change parts that are also sturdy are the gold standard.

If you need assistance selecting the correct toolholders for the job you are planning, do not hesitate to contact us. Our learned, professional staff is here to help our customers and to ensure their needs are met. At Americas Industrial Supply, we’re everything you want in an industrial equipment supplier.

BT & CAT Tooling Packages

CAT 40 Toolholders

CAT 50 Toolholders

BT 30 Toolholders

BT 40 Toolholders

Straight Shank Tap Holders

Tab Adapters / Tap Collets