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Workholding - Clamping & Fixturing

You can’t fabricate the pieces of metal you’re working on if you can’t hold them steadily in place. There’s nothing more annoying — and dangerous — than using a hold down clamp that allows the piece to move when you’re trying to work on it. At our industrial supply company, you’ll find a full line of clamps, including C-clamps, L-clamps, toggle clamps and specialty clamps. Our clamping sets and kits are popular, providing customers with a wide variety of sizes and styles of clamps. Check out our clamps made especially for hard-to-hold parts, including round parts.

While you’re on our industrial supply site, stock up on our fasteners, including nuts, washers, screws and plugs. Get some shims and spacers too, to help with those parts that just won’t line up no matter how hard you try. Browse through our magnets, helpful for finding lost parts and cleaning up messes. Order a magnetic bar, tray or organizer for safely and securely holding your tools and parts, and a demagnetizer for parts that accidentally become magnetized.

As a top online industrial equipment supplier, we are your No. 1 source for hold down clamps — including toggle clamps — that do the job, so you can do yours.

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