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Do you dream about owning the kind of metalworking machinery that could help you create higher-quality finished pieces with amazing detail? Our industrial supply company has the machinery that facilitates creativity and specialization for professional metalworkers.

Many of our customers love browsing our drills for sale as well as drill presses and drill bits. Whether you want floor, bench, precision or radial, we’ve got it. Air compressors are an indispensable part of your inventory — air tools make every job go faster. And when you need new control valves — including ball valves, gate valves, check valves and globe valves — you can get them right here at our industrial tool supply company. Our lathes, sanders, mills, grinders, saws and finishers offer you the kind of power and precision you just can’t get from lesser power tools or hand tools. We even sell machinery for woodworking.

Our industrial supply company also carries thousands of parts for all the machinery we have in stock, making the possibilities for metalworkers endless. Check out our hundreds of stands and tables to house your equipment. Some are equipped with wheels, but we also sell caster wheels separately. When you work with metal, it’s important to get the right caster wheels so they are not destroyed by continually rolling over metal shavings on the floor. Don’t forget to order hold down clamps and toggle clamps for your pipes and other parts for rock-solid stability and better results. And add a parts washer to your collection of time-saving tools — just pop all your tools, parts and accessories into the washer whenever they need to be cleaned.

Depend on our industrial supply company for machinery, parts and answers to your questions.


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